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Appropriate Business Location


Jan 21, 2021


Society has three aspects – social, economic, and political. The social aspect handles association between some social group/institution (for example family, school, collage, mosque, etc.) and individual, economic aspect handles interactive relationships between firm/industry and economic agents, and political aspect is dynamic mixture of parliament, executive, judiciary, media, civil society, political parties and voters. The economical aspect has three sectors – product sector, service sector, and financial sector. Business Location is essential for product sector because of concerns about accessibility to raw material, it is essential for services sector to be able to provide convenience to customers, which is central for financial sector for efficient communication links. Thus, business location is essential for each sector of contemporary economy.

Determinants of economic Location

Business growth and survival is dependant on multiple supply and demand factors. We might group these 4 elements into two groups – tangible and intangible. The tangible factors could be felt with five senses, while, intangible factors can’t be felt with five senses. The prominent tangible factors are capital, land, physical convenience to customers, and funds in hands, as the prominent intangible factors are entrepreneurship, business conduct, consumer tastes, and social links. At production level, after capital, the having land and it is appropriate location is an essential tangible component that fortify and maintains manager’s stability towards business struggle. At consumption level, customers have great attraction towards easy attainment of service or product. The physical convenience to customer is a vital tangible component that shapes demand-pattern of service or product, to ensure that business location readily available to customers is essential for stable customer account. Thus, the most crucial supply and demand factors for business survival and growth – i.e., stable customer and stable entrepreneur – are strongly associated with business location.

There might be another division of decisive ingredients of economic location, input and output elements. The prominent input elements are – convenience to entrepreneur, convenience to operate pressure, price of transportation, efficient communication links (i.e., phone, internet, wireless, mobile, etc.), government incentives, accessibility to raw material, accessibility to cheap work pressure, and operational efficiency. However, the prominent output elements are – convenience to customer, distributional ease, and business effectiveness. The perfect availability and usage of input elements are advantageous for cost minimization, as the optimal availability and usage of output elements is advantageous for sales maximization, thus, the combined aftereffect of input-output elements improves the internet return of economic struggle, and both of them are strongly associated with business location. It’s significant the input-output analysis might also range from the social size of business location.

Business Location & Taxonomy of economic

A conventional division of monetary struggle or business enterprise is – farming, agribusiness, mining, manufacturing, and commerce. These classifications give contour around three fundamental sectors of monetary aspect, i.e., agriculture sector, manufacturing sector, and services sector. Agriculture sector or Farming is indispensably according to land. A appropriate farm location is needed for distinctive farming activities. Agribusiness are highly determined by land output originating from agriculture sector for example cotton ginning, spinning, tannery, flour production, and sugar manufacturing. These companies are usually located near the supply of raw material. Similarly, mining is really a business highly determined by land and it is hidden treasures, for example oil & gas refinery, gems and gemstones, and coal extraction. Expenses on transportation of raw material and facility of warehouses are high and pricey, thus, to set up location of those sections near the causes of raw materials are reasonable approach. The executive units from the business are usually located elsewhere, normally close to some financial hub. Agribusiness or mining are work-intensive or raw material-intensive industries. The main city-intensive industry opt another approach towards business location. Industry location is made the decision by capital efficiency, labor or raw materials are secondary, e.g., automobiles, appliances for the home, and military equipments. Additionally, government incentives, structural facilities, and focused working atmosphere for understanding personnel are some decisive elements for that business location of capital-intensive manufacturing sector.

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